Growing up together on farms and wineries, Marc and Adrià Pérez are cousins who have shared their experiences all their lives. They have worked, traveled, and found inspiration together. Their agricultural/vinicultural work and travel led them to France, where they developed a shared influence and skill that is present in their winemaking.

With multiple shared projects with friends and family (El Celler de la Muntanya, Amics del Governance, CIMS de Porrera, and the family vineyard Mas Martinet), Les Cousins is their most personal project yet. 

Les Cousins Marc & Adriá came to fruition in the village of Porrera (Priorat). The location central to their story- the area is where they first started their experience in wine, where they grew up together, and where they live today. Always desiring to begin something new from scratch, Marc & Adriá set their focus on the old vines from the village of Porrera, using different types of vinification in their process. 2007 saw the debut of La Sagesse or Wisdom, a mere 10,000 bottles made of very old Carignan and Garnacha. The following year (2008) and able to source more grapes, they made a more nuanced and beautiful wine: “L’Inconscient” or “The Innocence”. Les Cousins Marc & Adriá released the wines in 2010.

Since their first release, they have continued producing wine that is a representation of who they are as winemakers and as Les Cousins.

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